Course Information and Pro’s Tips

1st   Y Fferm

A short Par 3 to start but don’t be fooled by its length as the green is well guarded by several bunkers. Aim for the middle to back section of the green avoiding the trouble at the front.

2nd Bryn Gosol

A challenging Par 4 slightly uphill and 450 yards from the white tees. A tee shot favouring the left hand side of the fairway will leave an easier second shot towards the green. A tee shot that drifts right is likely to be blocked out by the trees.

3rd Seiriol

A majestic Par 3 with stunning sea views out towards Anglesey with Conwy mountains to the left. The prevailing wind from the sea makes this hole play longer than its yardage. An extra club may be needed.

4th Llys Helyg

A straight forward long Par 5 with the wind, which tends to be off the left. A lateral water hazard to the right runs parallel with the fairway. A strong tee shot down the left should fade the ball back into the fairway. An uphill second shot should leave a short iron approach setting up a chance to make birdie.

5th Y Llyn

A pleasant Par 4 hole just under 400 yards in length from the white tees and a slight dog leg to the right. From an elevated tee golfers should aim down the left hand side of the fairway avoiding the trees and water hazard down the right. The green is guarded by a deep water hazard and over-hanging tree to the right. Aiming left on your approach shot is the more desired line in.

6th Cwm

A short slightly uphill dog leg right Par 4. Driver off the tee may not be the club of choice here. A long iron or fairway wood from the tee should leave a short approach shot to a green which slopes from back to front and is guarded by trees.

7th Great Orme

A hole for the big hitters, a long Par 4 , stroke index 1 and a distance of 465 yards off the back tees with out of bounds down the right make this hole not one for the faint hearted. The hole plays slightly left to right which requires a drive with a touch of fade. For the most modest golfer the second shot gives you an option: either lay up short of the two long deep bunkers 70 yards short of the green, or try and go for it in 2.

8th The Bridge

A relatively simple down hill Par 4 requires a tee shot over the marker post, again driver off the tee may not be every golfers choice. A well struck tee shot will leave a mid to short iron into a green in the corner of the course surrounded by danger. 10 yards short of the green are two yellow stake ditches which lead into a large pond, a long but narrow bunker protects the front of the green and over the back lies the external boundary fence. Playing this hole bogey free will leave you feeling happy.

9th Y Rheilfford

The first of the famous magnificent railways holes is the Par 5  9th. Birdie opportunity here for the big hitters as the green is reachable in 2. For those laying up make sure you are short of the ditch that runs across the fairway short of the green.

10th Tuag Adref

A reachable Par 4 for the big hitters but a right tee shot could bring the boundary fence and railway line into play. The green is guarded by a deep pot bunker at the front but also be careful if you go long as there is a water hazard a few yards off the back edge. A well struck short iron into the green could set up an easy par or even a birdie.

11th Ffrith Gerrig

A stunning, picturesque Par 5 running alongside the fairway with views of the sea and Conwy mountains. Line off the tee is just left of the hanging bush with a touch of fade. For low handicappers the green is reachable in 2 but if unsure a straightforward lay up short of the ditch will leave a mid to short iron into an elevated green. Be cautious as a shot that doesn’t find the putting surface will roll off making a difficult up and down to save par.

12th Vardre

Playing uphill away from the railway line is Par 3 12th. The green is nestled half way up the bank, playing just short of 180 yards is a hole that requires plenty of carry to get up there in 1. Anything short the ball may roll down the bank leaving a tricky pitch shot over a bunker.

13th Yr Allt

From the tee this Par 3 measures just over 400yards. The hole requires a precise tee shot over the hill towards the marker post. The second shot is downhill to a well positioned green, ball tends to kick left therefore positioning yourself right should avoid the lateral water hazard which runs down the right hand side.

14th Aber

The Par 4 14th is often regarded as our signature hole. Walking up the fairway your are welcomed by the stunning panoramic views of North Wales: the sea, Snowdonia and the Great Orme. Tee shot requires a shot slightly left of the marker post as the ball tends to kick right. If you play your second shot from on top of the bank position your shot to the left as anything dropping short and straight may find a large pot bunker guarding the front right of the green. If your tee shot is lucky to get down the bank then your approach is much easier, going in with a shorter iron.

15th Gogarth

A reachable Par 4 for the big hitters measuring just under 340yards. Although driver isn’t usually the club of choice for the better players, the green requires a lofted approach as lower ball flights tend to kick left of the green. A good birdie opportunity here although if you are out of position bogey or worse can easily happen.

16th Tros y Ffos

A fairly long uphill Par 4 with a lateral hazard and trouble down the right. From the Men’s tees you play over two small trees. Due to the trouble on the right players are advised to favour the left of the fairway. From the Ladies tee the tee shot is straight forward. For your second shot the mid to high handicap golfers tend to lay up as the green is elevated with a water hazard going diagonally across from left to right and boundary hedge over the back.

17th Castell

A fairly straightforward uphill Par 3 from the yellow and red tees measuring 166 yards from the yellows, 144 yards from the reds. From the white tees the hole isn’t quite as simple. Playing uphill and measuring 199 yards the tee shot requires a well struck long iron over short trees. Golfers should aim slightly right as the slope runs down to thick rough on the left. Advice here is to take an extra club as it is better to be slightly long than short. Anything short may result in a bogey 4 or perhaps worse.

18th Maesdu

A beautiful Par 5 to finish. From an elevated tee golfers are treated to spectacular views over Llandudno ahead, the Great Orme in the distance, West Shore to the left and North Shore to the right. The prevailing wind is from the left and with the out of bounds down the right hand side many members do aim down the left hand rough allowing the wind to drift the ball back into the centre of the fairway. With a well struck tee shot the green is reachable but, with several deep face bunkers looking directly at you from the fairway, the safe option is to lay up short leaving a short iron in setting up a birdie chance in full view of our fabulous clubhouse.